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About Nicholas Holmes

I am a 25 year old British filmmaker in London with an ambitious mindset in filmmaking. I have always had a love for movies, and over the past 7 years I have started to make my own films.


I love how movies can be an escape from normal life. In cinema, you can experience a life completely different to your own, and I find that to be really amazing. This inspired me to create my own films. I started by making short films that I uploaded to YouTube.


My next project was a feature film called 'Never Knowing,' a truly ambitious movie that was shown at film festivals in 2020, earning a semi-finalist place at 'London International Motion Picture Awards.' I made this while studying a Bachelor's Degree in Acting for Stage and Media.


In 2021, I graduated from a Master's in Filmmaking at Central Film School London. Following this, I took several of my short films to Film Festivals across the world, and recieved awards including 'Best Screenwriter,' 'Best Concept' and 'Best Produced Screenplay' for my film 'Alternate Strands.'


In 2022, I worked as a Screenwriter on a new comedy-drama series titled 'The Business of Delusion,' for Lonesome Dog Studios. In 2023, I interned at Luxager Studios as a Screenwriter with other responsibilities such as editing. I am currently working as an Interactor at 'Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter,' whilst also working on my own film projects.

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